Garden Produce Baskets

Would you love to enjoy the pleasure of freshly harvested, organically grown produce without the garden? If you find yourself short on time, space or energy - let us do the work for you! Home Farm offers a unique produce delivery system. Throughout the summer months you can reap the harvest of our labors with our Garden Produce Baskets delivered right to your door.
Choose which size is best for you - our small basket is perfect for singles or to supplement your store-bought groceries, while the large box will provide plenty for a family of four. 
Garden Produce Baskets change weekly as new things ripen in our gardens... all summer you can partake in a variety of greens, veggies, fruits and baked goodies.

Garden Produce Baskets will not be offered for the 2014 season. Be sure to check back throughout the season in case we are able to offer these baskets at a later date.